one of my favorite authors is Ruth Krauss. She writes children’s books, of course…. and they are just amazing. although all her books are really great, the very best ones are the ones illustrated by Maurice Sendak. he is such a great illustrator, and the books really just come to life with his illustrations. they are so hard to describe…. you just have to read one to know! so here is a list of all her books illustrated by him.

A Hole is to Dig: A First Book of First Definitions
A Very Special House
I’ll Be You and You Be Me
Charlotte and the White Horse
I Want to Paint My Bathroom Blue
The Birthday Party
Somebody Else’s Nut Tree and Other Tales from Children
Open House for Butterflies

i bought two of them as a Christmas present to myself, “A Hole is to Dig” and “Open House for Butterflies”. another one of my favorites is “I’ll Be You and You Be Me”. here is an excerpt:

love is when you send postcards
more than to other people —
love is they could push you down in the grass
and it doesn’t even hurt —
love is the same as like
only you spell it different —
only more of the same, sort of —
Love has more stuff in it!
love is you give them
a leg off your gingerbread man.
No, two legs.
And the head!

[‘All I want is the sugar off the button’]

and another excerpt:


I like him beCAUSE
He likes me beCAUSE
We like each other