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We’re all in God’s throne room–millions and billions of people–yet the air is hushed and still, the frailty of humanity in stunned awe of the Almighty. Suddenly the silence is broken by the swift, rippling sound of wings folding. It’s the angels bending their knees. And if you listen hard enough, you even notice that the demons in hell have ceased their cackling, their legs beginning to weaken and tremble, their own knees falling to meet the sulfurous cinders of hell’s bottom floor.

The moment is electric. Your lips can hardly contain the rush of worship welling up inside you. The one with “the name that is above every name” has taken his place at the right hand of the Father, and the chorus of the ages has begun lifting their song–their final, four-word song–“Jesus Christ is Lord!”

“Jesus Christ is Lord!”

Some are spitting it through clenched teeth–Judas, Mohammed, Hitler, Napoleon. What many had refused to believe on earth, they are shouting at the top of their lungs in eternity.
But we who surrendered our all to him, we who praised him as our Savior and submitted to him as Lord cannot stop long enough to stare at the spectacle. We are too enraptured ourselves, too lost in repeating those same four words through tears of utter joy, “Jesus Christ is Lord!”

“Jesus Christ is Lord!”

Would we have dared to miss this? Would we have demanded our freedom from Christ’s Lordship only to find ourselves declaring it when we could only regret it? Would we have run from Christ’s authority, not realizing it was out only source of protection?

Make me captive, Lord
And I shall be free;
Force me to render up my sword,
And I shall conqueror be. 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

taken from the book Crown Him King by James Meritt