“Dear Father, just and justifier,

Thank you that your righteousness has been manifested to us. You
made this happen apart from the law, although the law and the
prophets bear witness to it, to your righteousness through faith in
Christ Jesus for all who trust in him. How just you are in making
no distinction between people on this matter, since every person
has sinned and falls short of your glory.

Thank you for justifying us by your grace as a gift, through the
redemption which is in Christ Jesus, whom you put forward as an
expiation by his blood, so we can receive it by  faith.

Praise be to you, O holy God, for showing us how righteous you
really are. In your divine forbearance you have passed over former
sins, but now you have made provision for forgiveness-the
righteousness of your Son, Jesus Christ, in whom we place our

In the name of Jesus we ask all this and lay claim to the grace
which you have so generously extended. Amen.”

paraphrased by Eldon Degge, taken from Romans 3:21-26