welcome to my blog of quotes, pictures and devotional thoughts. my name is Caroline. and this is a little bit about me.

11 Random Facts

1. i started drinking coffee when i was 3. and i haven’t stopped yet! occasionally i will take a break, but that’s it.  coffee is such a huge part of mine and my husbands lives that our coffee/espresso maker sits in our living room. our guests always comment on how strange that it, but we think it’s quite normal.

2. i cannot live without meat. particularly bacon. and steak. 🙂

3. i flew a 9 passenger plane for about 5 minutes when i was seven. it was definitely a highlight of my life, and at that point in my life i wanted to be a pilot. i was ecstatic!

4. i have always disliked diamonds, never even wanted a diamond engagement ring! now i have one. but it has black diamonds. does that count?

5. i have celiac disease, aka. i can’t have gluten. i found out about a year and a half ago. and let me just say, rice crackers are the best cracker on this earth. no joke.

6. my favorite thing to do around the house is wash dishes. when my husband and i were first looking for a house or apartment before our wedding, i particularly asked that we find one without a dish washer.

7. i have always been very adamant about not having a smart phone. last month my husband bought me an Android. i am hopelessly addicted…

8. my favorite present, ever, was a brand new washing machine when i was 16. i did all the laundry at my house when i was a teenager, and every year i asked for a new washer. finally i got one!

9. i have lived most of my life on an island in the caribbean, but during the 6 years i have lived in the USA, my home address has been in 3 different states.

10. i have a broken tail bone.

11. there is not a single veggie that i don’t like. yes. i even like brussel sprouts.

11 Questions from HeartLikeFire

1. If you had to give away all of your movies except for TWO, which TWO would keep?
i would have to say Seven Pounds and My Sister’s Keeper. i just love a good, sad movie.

2. Where would you move if you could live anywhere in the world without being away from friends and family?
maybe this is lame, but i love where i live now. there isn’t really any place that i have always wanted to live. visit. yes. live. no.

3. Are you a shopaholic? If not, what is your “vice”? If so, what one item always grabs your attention most?
i’m not ‘exactly’ a shopaholic… but i am always drawn to earrings when i walk into a store. i love the really weird looking ones, especially.

4. Be honest. Do you talk to yourself?
sometimes. but not out loud. i have arguments with myself in my head.

5. Choose three words to describe yourself.
introverted. eccentric. homemaker.

6. What is the first video game console you ever remember playing? If none, which console or game piques your interest?
a Game Boy Color. boy, did we think we were cool back then!

7. Which TV show of the past do you wish was still running?
The Beverly Hillbillies. 

8. PCs or Macs? 😉
definitely Mac =)

9. What is your fondest childhood memory?
i always loved fixing things or building things with my grandpa. one of my favorite memories was going down to his work shop and helping him design a wooden play kitchen for me. we talked about ideas and tried different things. he let me help saw the wood and sand things down with his power tools. and i got to help stain the finished product. it had a sink with faucet and knobs that turned, a microwave, cupboards, stove and oven, refrigerator, ironing board and iron, a loaf of sliced bread, and two ice trays. all made out of wood.

10. Would you rather travel by bus, train, plane, or car?
plane. for sure!

11. Is there a book you would like to see made into a movie? If so, which one and why?
i think the Circle series by Ted Dekker would make a fascinating movie series, i just don’t think they could ever really do justice to the books.